I Have Been Looking at the News

It is not very hard to find Trump news on the TV, although it is rather obvious that very little of it pleases the man himself. I suppose that he must expend a great deal of his time sitting in front of the television watching the news about himself. Personally I always thought that the job would require a lot of effort and focus, at least it seems like it would if you were interested in doing the thing the way that it should be. However it is true that I have a lot of ideas that are different than this person’s ideas. In fact I have some friends that would not even call him by his name. They will call the man 45 and not with any real happiness at all. I simply wonder how he could have ever expected to be successful at the job, but it reminds me of something a police officer once told me. He pointed out that the prisons were full of people who thought that they were a lot smarter than they actually were. Continue reading